The Nerd Therapist is a resource for therapists, teachers or anyone who works with children to help them gain a better understanding of memes, video games, movies, tv shows and comic books.

Hi, I’m Mike. I’m a total nerd-turned-therapist. I work with children during the week, and never really grew out of superheroes, cartoons and videogames. This, combined with a good therapeutic lens, means I’m not often far away from being able to introduce kids to a topic or issue with imagery they can relate to and already have examples of.

Kids can tell when an adult is humouring them by pretending to understand Fortnite or Pokemon, and it can be frustrating for them to cover what they consider very basic concepts for you.

This will help you achieve more authentic rapport-building and understanding of what your clients, students or patients enjoy.

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“Appreciation and understanding for childrens media content gives us the ability to communicate and connect in their area of expertise, in a shared language and context”

Me, in my notes.